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Solar Pool Heating, Heat Pumps and Pool Covers

Millions of people worldwide have been enjoying solar heated swimming pools for over two decades. Heating swimming pools is today the largest use of solar energy in the world and there are good reasons for this.

Savings: The initial cost of a Solar system for an in-ground pool is about 50% of conventional heating methods. So you always save money with a solar heated pool.

Reliability and safety: Solar heating systems have no heat exchangers that fail from corrosion, no fan motors or compressors to break down. Your investment in a solar heating system is protected by a 10-year all round warranty.

Solar systems have been in use for many years. Solar systems have no flames or fans, they just keep heating your pool quietly, safely and reliably, year after year.

Protect the environment: You can enjoy the comfort of your solar heated pool, knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly energy source, while you conserve our natural resources.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Heating panels for your swimming pool. Looking pretty good. You will be glad you heated your pool water the cost effective way.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps to heat your swimming pool are also available. Works for domestic pools, guest houses, hotels and much much more.

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Pool Covers

Solar pool covers is mandatory with the water restrictions currently in place in South Africa.

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Solar Pool Heating Panels

Utilising your existing pump and filter, we can assure you warmer pool temperatures and a longer swimming season by adding our solar pool heating panels to your pool filtration system.

No extra monthly bills, solar panels has been proven to be the most cost effective way to heat a swimming pool.

Extend your swimming season and have more valuable family quality time, courtesy of the sun!  Our solar pool panels are so versatile, it can be put anywhere as long as it gets maximum sun exposure throughout the day.  The most durable long lasting solar panels on the market is our Platinum Solar Panel Range.

There are various varieties of solar heating systems. The foremost effective ustilising inert black plastic polymers that may not be corroded by pool chemicals or scoured by water.  

Concepts with individual tubes allow the highest covering. Individual tube designs furthermore reduce wind burden and by that reducing the need for strain on your solar system.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are the alternative way of heating your swimming pool.  It is the electrical way of heating swimming pool water. 

If you run a swimming school, guest house, municipality pool or a hotel then heating a swimming pool with a heat pump is the way to go, you set the temperature and you can swim all year round. 

You can run both solar heating and a heat pump in conjunction with one another, when the weather is hot then the solar kicks in, when the temperature drops below a certain degree then the heat pump kicks in. 

Then you have the best of both.


Solar Covers

Help save water by putting on a solar heat retention cover. It helps to reduce water evaporating from your pool. 

The pool cover is mandatory in South Africa by law, to help save water.

The heat retention pool cover is not a safety cover. (bubble cover) 

Be aware at all times and never leave children, pets, the elderly or handicapped persons alone in the pool.